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Rising interest rates, paired with proactive engagement, can open eyes of consumers. The long-term savers who have invested in CDs in the past are becoming more astute and more proactive about searching for guaranteed-return-investment options. While the traditional banker uses rate alone to capture the attention of these depositors, there are other factors available to the banker in order to grab the attention of those actively seeking options. Read more to learn how The CorePoint has enhanced the offerings of a traditional commodity.
This flyer outlines a speaking engagement Neil was invited to where he prepared some of the industry's biggest players. In May of 2017, Neil Stanley spoke to some of the industry leaders including Citi Bank, Bank of America, and Charles Schwab at a Marcus Evans event. Mr. Stanley was part of a panel discussion as well where he spoke about the upcoming changes to the industry. Mr. Stanley's insights about the industry come from years of study and his experience as a PhD student in Economics at Iowa State University. His projections move beyond the recent rise in interest rates, and incorporate a new "Google-era" approach to driving deposit strategies for Community Bankers as well as the "Big Fish" in banking.
The Omaha World Herald announces Mr. Stanley's U.S. patents for the new era of certificates of deposit. This article explores the innovation and ingenuity behind the CoreCD® system. “Look at it this way ,” Neil Stanley says in the article. “Would you rather have a CD that will always cost you for earlier withdrawal and never pay you, or one that sometimes costs you and sometimes pays you?”
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